Haven’t got a secret?

Girl thinkingSecrets are the ‘shared recognition of pain‘.

Everyone has secrets apparently!  According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the average person keeps a whopping 13 secrets and it is typical for people to have five secrets that they have never told to another living soul.

So, unless you really have told your deepest most buried secrets to the man who sits next to you, you ARE likely to have a secret. (Or two!)

Trivial, funny or deadly serious, it matters not. This is your chance to stitch it out, anonymously and in a therapeutic manner.  Think of it like a confession or admission of fallibility.  All secrets involve shame, but admitting a secret is the first step to lessening the guilt.

Need a kick start

As well as #Lovesecretsand on Instagram, have a look at the community art  PostScript Project where every Sunday people’s  secret’s are illustrated on postcards and listed.

Short on inspiration?  Try our secrets guide:

Secrets guide

1. Different kinds of secret:

There are different types of secret:

    • White lies or small secrets, often told to be tactful or polite
    • Embarrassing secrets, maybe an incident, a phobia or anything you’ve kept hidden
    • Funny secrets
    • Big secrets, which can sometimes hurt others if revealed. Think carefully about these

Firstly, work out how much you want to reveal and then who it might affect.

2. Examples

Here are some examples:

Bridget likes David Attenborough but hates watching TV wildlife programmes; too earnest and gloomy about the future of the planet.  But everyone else loves them, so Bridget kept it a secret.

Annie has darker secrets, one involving a peacock which got accidentally run over on a country lane late at night.  She has never owned up.

Grayson saw a Tarot card reader who told him something that will affect his partner and their relationship. He has kept it a secret.

3. See a stitched example

See some stitched secrets on our How to page and on Instagram #lovesecretsand

Go on – you know you want to!