Why stitch a secret?

Sewing mends the soul

Secrets weigh on us even when there is little danger that they will be uncovered.  But letting go of a secret is an act of self love.

It is especially therapeutic to both write down and then stitch a secret. We were told that, ‘it’s funny, but since stitching this secret I feel empowered to be braver and ‘come out’ to my friends instead of saying nothing’.

Another stitcher described how the process was,‘actually about me facing up to my challenges and learning to treat myself more kindly when I am having a bad time’.

Sewing slowly, pulling the thread in and out of the fabric with a rhythm. It is calming. The mind is free to wander because the hands are busy.

Take the time to slow down and relax, stitching a little at a time.  A stitcher  having radiotherapy for breast cancer said, ‘it has given me something quiet and soothing to do among all the annoying bits of life’.

Stitching is especially therapeutic if it is done in company.

And if it’s a dark secret, what could be better than stabbing that cloth with a sharp needle lots and lots of times! In and out. Kill that secret!

Take inspiration from stitcher Shannon Downey who created this piece:

Shannon Downey
Stitched by Shannon Downey for the anti-Trump Women’s march 2017

Imagine your satisfaction when you finish putting that secret to bed.

You have from now until December 2017 to stitch your secret and send it to us.

Gone. Dispatched. Done.