We are going to boro some techniques

If you've followed progress of the @lovesecretsand quilt on Instagram, you'll know that we've mounted all the wonderful secrets we've been sent behind 'windows' cut from pieces of old denim shirts. These look good, but are not yet fabulous. So we met recently to share ideas on the next step. Nine members of the Profanity [...]


Constructing the Secrets Quilt

By December 2017, an amazing 53 stitched secrets had been sent to The Profanity Embroidery Group from all over the world for the Secrets Quilt! Thanks everyone who responded, we are deeply grateful for each secret and every message of support. Some secrets are very poignant and must have taken courage to stitch.  We are honored [...]

Welcome the postman with the lumpy package

There's nothing better than seeing the postman arrive at #lovesecretsand HQ with a lumpy package, sorry envelope for the Secrets Quilt!  Opening each envelope is such a privilege and thrill.  Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent a secret so far and a, 'come on, there's still time,' to everyone who is currently stitching for us. [...]

More secrets and a workshop

The secrets project is taking off!  Here are some secrets we have been sent so far: Keep up to date with progress via #lovesecretsand on Instagram and Profanity Embroidery Group on Facebook. We held a workshop as part of the  2017 Whitstable Oyster Festival which was well received: 'had a great time, if only it [...]