How to stitch your secret

It is easy peasy to stitch your secret!

Here’s how:

    • Write your secret in as few words as possible
    • Find some fabric.  How about an old shirt, a tea towel or a fabric offcut?
    • Cut the fabric no bigger than an A4 sheet (295 x 210mm) with a minimum 30mm border
    • It can be any shape!  Asymmetrical, round, fan shaped…..
    • Copy your secret onto the fabric using a sharp pencil or crayon
    • Stitch the letters either by hand or by machine
    • Add some decoration if you wish
    •  Post to to us before the end of December 2017!

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 How to stitch a secret

Need inspiration?

Lots of people say they haven’t got secrets. Find out why everyone has secrets and get some ideas from our Secrets Guide.

As well as #Lovesecretsand on Instagram, have a look at the community art  PostSecret Project where every Sunday people’s  secret’s are illustrated on postcards and listed.

Haven’t got time?

Don’t think of this as an extra task. Think of it as time for you to relax and express yourself. Read more here.

Take five minutes to relax and stitch

Need more help?

Everyone can sew! If you can thread a needle you can sew.  But if you need some help, here are some ideas:

If you really, really can’t find a piece of material/thread/needle, write down the secret, send it to us and we will stitch it.
But you can do it! Just give it a go.

Where to send your secret

You can send secrets up until the end of December 2017.  There’s no need to tell us who you are or the back story.  With your permission, we may put photograph it for social media. If you don’t want it to appear on social media, please include a note in to say so.
Post your secret to:

The Secrets Quilt Project
23 Grimthorpe Avenue