About the Secrets Quilt

The Secrets Quilt is a Profanity Embroidery Group Whitstable initiative, based on an idea dreamed up by art teacher Jacqueline Hall. We are collecting stitched secrets from now until December 2017.

The secrets will be joined together to make an American-style crazy quilt.  Instead of geometric patches, irregularly shaped scraps will be pieced together into blocks that are then joined together.

American crazy-quilt

Anyone can stitch a secret and send it to us.  Each secret will be photographed and joined with others.  The pieces will be embellished with stitchery and more. It will look fabulous.

You can send secrets up until the end of December 2017.  We plan to enter the finished quilt into a national exhibition in 2018.

Send us your secret. It is safe with us.