Psst; do you want to know a secret?

First you’ll have to tell us yours!

Most people keep secrets because we think we will be judged by them.  Letting your secret out in a safe place allows you to forgive yourself and let the past go. Nothing makes us as lonely as our secrets.

We are collecting (anonymously) stitched secrets from now until December 2017.  Send us a secret and we will make them into a large quilt to proudly enter into a national exhibition in 2018.

Who are we?

We a group of creatives who love making art that surprises.  We’ve made two quilts and enjoy the process so much that we want to extend the opportunity to others.

Why stitch secrets?

Sharing secrets releases fear, guilt or shame and makes us feel better.  Even if you hate sewing, imagine your satisfaction when you finish putting that secret to bed.

Done. Dispatched. Gone.

Maybe you haven’t got any secrets?

See our secrets guide for inspiration.


 Stitching is therapeutic. People think stitching is hard, but it really isn’t. Try our stitching tips.  Everyone can do it if they try.

If you really can’t stitch, just write the secret on a piece of paper, send it to us and we will stitch it for you.

But you can do it! Just give it a go.

Want to know more about us or the Secrets Quilt?

Please email us if there is something more we can tell you about us, our work or the Secrets Quilt.  We would love to hear from you!